Braveheart Poodle's Info on Brushing your Poodle

Brushing is really very important to you and your poodle.  No one likes to see a damage coat and a tangle, matted coat.  This is common in neglected poodles.

Taking the time to sit and brush your poodle is a great time for human and poodle to bond.  This can be a very enjoyable task for both of you and it doesn't take long to make this a habit.

People have asked often should I brush my poodle?  can I harm them by brushing too much?  You should brush as often as you can.  You cannot harm them at all.  Think of the poodle coat as our own head of hair.  Most people wouldn't think of going a day without coming their hair at least one time.  Now, I am not suggesting that the poodle needs to be brushed every single day, but it will not hurt them.  In fact quite the opposite.

Good things happen when you brush your poodle.  Besides the bonding and the prevention of matting, brushing will also help to distribute the natural oils in the skin, it is like messaging your poodle, and it will help to increase circulation.  Doesn't this feel good to us?  It feels good to your poodle too.

Another great thing about brushing your poodle is the opportunity it gives human to inspect the poodle for any lumps or bumps or sores that should not be on your poodle.  Early detection of any issues on your poodle is key to maintaining proper health.

Please Please BRUSH YOUR POODLE!!!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be thrilled to talk to you.

Some (and there are so many) of the different brushing tools...

Slicker Brush Slicker Brush Natural Bristle Brush Pin Brush Ergonomic Comb General Comb

Hope this helps...

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